Silk Armor Tough Case for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus

Military-Grade Protection


A ruggedized shock absorbent exterior wrapped around a poly-carbonate core makes the Silk Armor Tough Case durable and light-weight, providing the ultimate protection for your iPhone 7.

Extreme Drop Protection

Air Cushioned Corners or the interior of the Silk Armor Tough Case provide a shock absorbent buffer while dispersing the force from impacts away from your iPhone.  Coupled with the air cushioned corners the enhanced exterior corners of the Silk Armor Tough Case absorbs impacts providing the ultimate drop protection.
  for iPhone 7



The uniquely designed Soft Touch Grips keep your iPhone securely in your hand without the uncomfortable bulkiness associated with most rugged cases.

Lay-Flat Screen Guard & Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Elevated 360-degree corners protect your phone so that you can place your phone on any table without fear of scuffing the screen.  Included with the Silk Armor Tough Cases are two premium Tempered Glass Screen protectors

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While negotiating with the Indian government to begin manufacturing operations in that country, Apple reportedly renewed a request for permission to sell used iPhones to Indian consumers. India had previously turned down this plan, citing quality concerns, but Apple is reportedly offering new assurances that the refurbished devices will meet quality standards.

Apple may be looking to the Indian market to make up for flagging growth in the West. The staring price of the iPhone 7 is much higher than that of the typical smartphone sold in India, so Apple hopes it can offer used devices at a more competitive price. 2016 was the company’s best year on record for iPhone sales in India.

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According to a recent tip from a source in China, Samsung’s Galaxy S8 will feature a somewhat unusual screen resolution of 1440 x 2960, for an aspect ratio of 18.5:9. The rumored screen sizes for the Galaxy S8 and the unconfirmed Galaxy S8 Plus are 5.8 inches and 6.2 inches, respectively.

The Galaxy S8 family of phone are rumored to be announced on March 29, with the launch date rumored to be late April. You can find a full breakdown of the rumored specs of the Galaxy S8 at GSMArena.

(Image via: NDTV)

Samsung has said that its next flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S8, will not be unveiled at Mobile World Congress, Engadget reports. Mobile World Congress is the world’s largest mobile industry event, set to begin in Barcelona on Feb. 27 this year, and many had expected to see the new smartphone there. Samsung’s decision to delay debuting the device means that the S8 may not launch until much later in spring than is usual for a Galaxy “S” device.

The move may give Samsung’s opponents even more opportunity to gain ground after last year’s Note 7 disaster. Without a new flagship device to promote, Samsung will likely struggle to compete with the Google Pixel and Apple iPhone 7.

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