Silk Armor Tough Case for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus

Military-Grade Protection


A ruggedized shock absorbent exterior wrapped around a poly-carbonate core makes the Silk Armor Tough Case durable and light-weight, providing the ultimate protection for your iPhone 7.

Extreme Drop Protection

Air Cushioned Corners or the interior of the Silk Armor Tough Case provide a shock absorbent buffer while dispersing the force from impacts away from your iPhone.  Coupled with the air cushioned corners the enhanced exterior corners of the Silk Armor Tough Case absorbs impacts providing the ultimate drop protection.
  for iPhone 7



The uniquely designed Soft Touch Grips keep your iPhone securely in your hand without the uncomfortable bulkiness associated with most rugged cases.

Lay-Flat Screen Guard & Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Elevated 360-degree corners protect your phone so that you can place your phone on any table without fear of scuffing the screen.  Included with the Silk Armor Tough Cases are two premium Tempered Glass Screen protectors

  for iPhone 7 Plus

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A leak purportedly coming from a Foxconn employee is rumored to show the internal components of Apple’s upcoming iPhone – which many are calling the “iPhone 8”. If accurate, the images would back up previous rumors about the new device, including its OLED screen and a coil for wireless charging technology. Though it is unclear when the photo was taken, some are interpreting the early stage test depicted in the photos as evidence that the iPhone 8 is experiencing production delays. Apple has not confirmed this, and has maintained its previous financial forecast for the period when the new iPhone is expected to launch.

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Although Apple only recently announced its new AR developer tool “ARKit”, developers using the beta version of the tool have already created some unique and exciting AR experiences. One of these is an experimental film from indie game maker Duncan Walker, which overlays robotic soldiers over real footage of city life.

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Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is the star of a new Siri “movie” released on Apple’s YouTube channel Monday. The Rock x Siri clocks in at a running time of 3:45, so it’s safe to say it is more of a commercial than a feature film, but it’s clear that Apple is aiming to make a big splash from the quirky marketing stunt. Apple is hoping to build up the “Siri” brand ahead of the release of the Siri-powered HomePod speaker this fall, which will face stiff competition from the Amazon Echo and Google Home.

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