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A photo from Apple’s WWDC presentation, showing the logo for the ARKit development framework.

Apple only unveiled its new augmented reality tech a few weeks ago, but it already seems poised to outmatch Google and Facebook in creating reliable AR experiences for the average mobile user. Apple’s tech demos and early developer feedback show stable AR applications in varied environments and lighting, using only the single camera included in all recent iPhone models. If this remains true in the final product, it will be a marked improvement over Google’s Tango AR system, which requires advanced hardware unavailable to the average consumer.

This means that much of Apple’s huge base of iPhone users already has the equipment needed for AR apps, and this built-in market could encourage developers to make software for Apple’s platform rather than for Google or Facebook. Apple spent a lot of time at WWDC showcasing ARKit, its AR development framework, in the hopes that developers will begin work on a line-up of AR apps to launch alongside its new iPhone later this year.

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