Leaked images showing a purple iPhone 7 case with four speaker grilles,

The latest iPhone 7 case leak suggests many previously unheard of design changes. Released by an Italian case manufacturer, the potential chassis seems to have four speakers and a completely new layout for the flash and rear camera, including a larger aperture. As seen in the above picture, there are two speaker grilles each on the top and the bottom of the case.

This does not corroborate the previous leaks, in which the design of the iPhone 7 was almost identical to that of the 6s. The most unusual feature is the rearrangement of the flash, although previous leaks did suggest that the camera will have a larger aperture. The absence of the 3.5 mm headphone jack seems to be in line with the previous predictions. The leak is also a case for the 4.7 inch model. The 5.5 inch iPhone 7 Plus is set to feature completely new dual camera components, while the 4.7 inch one will continue to use the single iris design. However, the larger aperture means that there are going to be significant upgrades on both models.

The legitimacy of the leak is yet to be verified. The fact that it is so different from so many of the previous reports is strange. Four speakers on the iPhone seem excessive, although there were rumors which suggested that the iPhone 7 will feature stereo speakers at the bottom. It is worth mentioning that the iPad Pro has four speakers for better sound reproduction. However, the feature seems better suited for tablets than smartphones.

Image credit: iPhone case leak

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