• The Rock stars in Siri “movie”

    Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is the star of a new Siri “movie” released on Apple’s YouTube channel Monday. The Rock x Siri clocks in at a running time of 3:45, so it’s safe to say it is more of a commercial than a feature film, but it’s clear that Apple is aiming to make a big splash from the quirky marketing stunt. Apple is hoping to build up the “Siri” brand ahead of the release of the Siri-powered HomePod speaker this fall, which will face stiff competition from the Amazon Echo and Google Home.

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  • Rumor: Molds claim to show sizes of Apple iPhone 8 and iPhone 7s

    New photos have emerged claiming to show the dimensions of Apple’s upcoming new iPhones – including the “iPhone 8” and the expected “7s” upgrades. The photos match up with previous rumors about the sizes of the new phones, as well as about the placement of their cameras.

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  • 10 years old: How far has the iPhone come?

    This week marks the milestone 10th anniversary for Apple’s iPhone. Launched at the start of 2007, the original iPhone was hailed as a revolutionary step forward for smartphones. Even so, the first iPhone looks positively primitive compared to the latest iPhone, and CNET has published a side-by-side comparison showing just how far the iPhone has come in the past 10 years.

    The most striking difference between the iPhone then and now is size. While the iPhone 7 Plus has a 5.5” full HD screen, the original iPhone’s screen was just 3.5” and had a paltry 320×480 resolution. The iPhone camera has also come a long, long way. In sharp contrast to the iPhone 7 Plus’ 12 MP dual rear cameras, the original iPhone maxed out at 2 MP, didn’t have a front-facing lens, and couldn’t even shoot video.

    (Image via: CNET)

  • Rumor: Next iPhone May Be All Glass, Have Wireless Charging

    A new rumor suggests that Apple’s next series of iPhones will use an all-glass body, eschewing the metal frame in part to better support wireless charging. The rumor stems from KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who further claimed that Apple has wanted to try an all-glass aesthetic for years.

    If the rumor is true, we can expect to see the new chassis next September, when Apple will likely release up to three new iPhones to celebrate the device’s 10th anniversary. These may include all-glass updates of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, in addition to an iPhone with an OLED display and a sleek, bezel-less design. It is worth noting that these options may be pared down, just as the rumored iPhone 7 Pro never saw a release. It is also unclear if any of these devices will be named “iPhone 8.”

    (Image via: MacRumors)

  • Try these 3 New iOS 10 Widgets

    The iPhone is celebrated for a lot of reasons. Having useful widgets is generally not considered to be among them. However, iOS 10 seeks to change that by adding more useful lock screen widgets than were previously available. Both proprietary and 3rd party apps now feature widgets that allow you to carry out a range of tasks such as sending emails or uploading images without needing to unlock your iPhone.

    Here are a few widgets you may want to download to make using your device faster and more convenient.

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  • Taiwanese Pop Star Jimmy Lin Appears with the New iPhone (Again)

    Taiwanese pop star Jimmy Lin has been spotted in public using what appears to be Apple’s upcoming – and still not officially announced – iPhone 7 Plus. While it may seem odd that a pop star would appear casually using the world’s most hotly anticipated smartphone, this actually appears to a hobby of Lin’s. Lin similarly leaked the iPhone 5 in 2012, the iPhone 5C in 2013, and the iPhone 6 in 2014.

    The device cannot be seen clearly in the paparazzi shot of Lin, but the distinctive camera cutout matches that of the most recent iPhone 7 Plus leaks. However, the picture falls short of confirming or discounting particular features of the new phone.

    Image credit: Gizmodo

  • iPhone 7 Rumor: iPhone 7 May Be Secretly Waterproof

    Rumors suggesting that Apple’s newest iPhone will remove both the headphone jack and a physical home button have disappointed fans and kept expectations for the iPhone 7 low among industry analysts. However, new leaks about the iPhone 7 suggest that there could be a greater goal behind these removed features: namely, to make the device more waterproof and dustproof.

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  • Rumor: Apple Will Release Bluetooth Earbuds for the iPhone 7

    According to recent reports published by Forbes, Apple might be working on wireless earbuds to be used with the upcoming iPhone 7. It is believed that the tech giant has been developing wireless earbuds with in-built Bluetooth chips over the past few years. The Bluetooth chip will help the earbuds receive wireless signals from various devices.

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  • iPhone 7 Rumor Update: Will It Be Called the iPhone 6SE?

    Amid the clamor of rumors that have been circulating in anticipation of Apple’s latest phone release this September, consensus has arisen that the new devices will be called the iPhone 7, and will be the official next generation of the iPhone line. This has led some consumers to be disappointed by a perceived lack of major upgrades compared with the iPhone 6 family.

    However, German site Apfelpage claims to have come across leaked information indicating that the new devices will not be called the iPhone 7, but will rather be called the “iPhone 6SE.” The website claims to have seen retail packaging of the new devices printed with the iPhone 6SE moniker. The site 9to5Mac picked up on the rumor, and further reports that the release date for the newest devices – whatever they may be called – could be Friday, September 16 of this year.

    Image credit: New iPhone leak

  • There May be Three Variants of the Apple iPhone 7 After All

    New reports have surfaced suggesting that Apple might, after all, launch three versions of the iPhone 7 instead of just two.

    The iPhone 7 Pro has not been mentioned much in the final run-up to the release of the iPhone 7, leading many to believe that only the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Pro would be released. However, a new rumor is reviving the possibility that the 7 Pro might actually make it into production. If it does, it might sport a previously-rumored dual-camera setup.

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