iPhone 6s was a big success for Apple. The electronics giant can’t afford to take chances with its next offering. There are many areas that afford scope for improvement and it’s up to the company to decide where to focus.


  1. Display – Full HD phones are a must to stay ahead in the smartphone market and that’s a major incentive for an upgrade. The contrast ratio is another area where significant improvements can be made. There are phones that boast a contrast ratio of 1800-to-1. With iPad offering a true contrast of 1631-to-1, it’s not long before their phones catch up. Anti-reflective coating for the display and Sapphire glass wouldn’t hurt either.
  2. Camera – Six element lenses and a periscope designs have been mooted for the iPhone 7. This would improve the image quality and keep the competition on edge. It could probably choose to make improvements to the signal processor of the image in the next-gen A10 chip. That would enable it to deliver higher quality enhancements to the image.
  3. Waterproofing – With iPhone 6s failing the water resistance tests made on it recently, waterproofing could be a major value addition to the product. It would also serve as a nice tie-in to the Apple smartwatch.
  4. Eye-Tracking – This much touted new technology basically enables the phone to change the display based on the position of your eye that is tracked using special cameras located on the corners of the handset. It has a lot of potential applications such as scrolling using tilt gestures.


We’ll have to wait till the third quarter of the next year to see where iPhone 7 will take us.


Image credit: iPhone 7 Concept Design

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