The wait for the launch of Samsung Galaxy S7 has been slow and agonizing. The good news is, there are only two more months to go! Speculations are high that Samsung will unveil the long-awaited, feature-packed, 4K Edge Display smartphone, the Galaxy S7 in January 2016.

Excited? Don’t be just yet. There’s more.

Rumor also has it that the South Korean phone manufacturer is in talks with its Japanese competitor for the use of the IMX300 sensor. To put it in other words, Samsung wants to use on Galaxy S7, the same camera sensor that Sony used on Xperia Z5. Now that’s exciting.

It is easy to see why Samsung was impressed by the IMX300 sensor. Experts have been raving about it since their first trials. These include DxOMark, which placed Sony’s Xperia Z5 camera on the top of its mobile camera ranking, along with other top camera sensors. DxOMark was so impressed in fact, that it termed Xperia Z5 the mobile phone with the best photo and video scores since the beginning of time!

IMX300 is powered by a 192-point hybrid auto-focus system with 25 megapixels. It sports a best-in-class focus time of 0.003 seconds. It remains to be seen whether or not Sony would want to share what has turned out to be the best mobile camera till date. But given that Samsung is not far behind in terms of camera quality and in fact ranks second only to Sony (Sony Xperia won the world’s best camera award with Samsung Galaxy S6 standing in the second position); plus the fact that Samsung sells the Galaxy S series in millions and we have two strong reasons for Sony to actually benefit from sharing its  IMX300.

Imagine the possibilities if the deal actually goes through!

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