iOS 10 will feature an improved version of Siri.

Despite a lack of notable hardware upgrades and the expected removal of the 3.5mm headphone jack, the iPhone 7 could still be worth considering in order to take full advantage of the upcoming iPhone operating system, iOS 10. Some features of the new OS were unveiled earlier this year at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in San Francisco, including an improved Siri and improved integration of Apple software. iOS 10 is expected to release in September alongside the iPhone 7.

At WWDC, the tech giant demonstrated its upgraded version of Siri, confirming earlier rumors that the voice assistant would become much smarter. Voice transcription and search capabilities will be improved, and the Siri platform will be opened up to developers for increased integration with other services.

Siri will also finally be coming to the desktop, which is something many Apple fans have wanted for a long time. The digital assistant will be an integral part of Apple’s next desktop operating system, which has been newly rebranded “macOS.”

Apple also showcased various other software upgrades for iPads, iPhones, and Macs at WWDC. When the iPhone 7 is released, we can expect nearly all its stock apps to receive upgrades, including iMessage, which like Siri will be open to add-ons from third-party developers, and Apple Music, which will be completely redesigned. Even though iOS 10 will likely be available for earlier iPhone models, customers who really value the new software improvements may want to get the newest device to get the best experience from the latest OS tweaks.

Image Credits: Siri

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