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Apple recently launched the beta version of the iOS 10. From what we know so far, it offers quite a lot of benefits compared to the older iOS 9, especially for developers. Here a few more new features you can expect from Apple’s latest mobile OS, which is expected to launch this September alongside the iPhone 7.

Find out where you parked your car

Did you forget where you parked? Well, iOS 10 is here to save you some trouble. The operating system will actually remember where you parked your car. This will be an automatically activated feature. You don’t have to do a thing.

Simultaneous computer and phone browsing

This is probably one of the most unique and useful features on iOS 10. It lets you sync the web pages that you view on your computer’s Safari browser with your phone. Gone will be days of copying links into a note app or texting it to yourself. To activate this feature, you need to double-press the home button and tap the Safari tab. There are also reports that this will work while using other browers on your Mac, such as Chrome.

Lock screen info

In the older versions of iOS, the lock screen was a place where you would see a maximum of one notification. A lot of iPhone users found this too minimal and impractical. Apple has addressed the issue with iOS 10. The new operating system offers a series of lock screen widgets that make instant access and functionality much easier. Additionally, the lock screen is now customizable, so you can get rid of the default apps and insert your favorites.

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