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iOS 8 is getting more and more tangible as the days go by leading up to the release of the iPhone 6, but there’s one app above all others that is really getting everyone’s heart rate up. Known as “Health”, this app will provide iOS 8 users all sorts of medical assistance.  This includes a calorie counter, sleep tracker, medical ID tag, and heart rate monitor, just to name a few.   The sheer number of assistance provided by Health and its developer tools has even led some, including Forbes, to believe this may change the way doctors will assist their patients in the future:

“While we reported about how Apple’s iOS 8 and the release of the iPhone 6 could revolutionize sports with apps that could provide direct biofeedback, several companies have released health apps that go further by actually putting you in touch with a human voice. It isn’t Siri with an MD, but a network of real healthcare physicians that can take your calls, do FaceTime, and give advice. Somewhere, George Jetson is saying, ‘Jane, stop this crazy thing… I’m doing FaceTime with the doctor, as Astro has given me chest pains’.”


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