iPhone 6 rumors

A lot has been said about the upcoming iPhone 6. Some speculated it to be a watch and others a curved screen.  Fortunately, we’ve done our homework in anticipation of the iPhone 6.     Below is our rundown of the most current iPhone 6 rumors ahead of the release:

  • Two iPhones – It turns out that instead of one iPhone 6, there may be two versions being released at the same time. According to gsarena.com, Amazon Japan accidentally leaked images of a 4.7 inch and 5.5 inch display for the iPhone 6.
  • Sapphire Glass – The glass used specifically for the camera lens of the iPhone 5, Sapphire Glass, has been rumored to replace the Gorilla glass used for the iPhone 5 series. Rumors of this has slowed since July, but here’s to hoping!
  • Faster Processor – Something we know for sure is an upgraded processor with the upcoming A8 chip. For the first time it will feature a quad-core processor and will likely be the fastest processor on any phone upon its release.
  • Available this September – The official announcement date for the iPhone 6 is slated for September 9. International Business Times and many others suspect that because the iPhone 5 was released almost immediately after its September announcement, the same may be the case for the iPhone 6.
  • iOS 8 – Just like the iPhone 5, the 6 is also going to be getting an operating system upgrade. iOS 8 is said to include new apps and aesthetics, but it’s uncertain if it will come pre-installed at launch.
  • Health App – There’s so much to happen with this new app that it would take to much time to explain. Apple’s new Health app may change the way you see your doctor. It includes a built-in heart rate monitor, your personalized medical ID tags, sleep tracker and calorie counter.
  • Actionable Notifications – Another really anticipated addition to iOS 8 is the use of “actionable notifications”.  This will allow you to respond to notifications from your home screen without having to unlock your phone first.

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