According to the latest news, a new rumor seems to be doing the rounds concerning the upcoming iPhone 6s. The word on the street is that the new 6s is getting an upgraded camera, which will surely make the competition get back to the drawing board.

Speculations suggest that the 6s will now come with a 12 MP camera equipped with a 5-element lens. Considering that camera capabilities can be a deal breaker, or maker, for smart-phones these days, Apple seems to be moving in the right direction. The 12 MP camera in the 6s will be a significant step up from the present 8MP shooter in the 6 and 6 Plus. Added to that, the new move will also satisfy a lot of customers who aren’t too happy with the present iPhone cameras.

Reports suggest that Apple has already begun sending out orders to suppliers asking them to manufacture 5 element lenses that are specifically designed to be compatible with 12 MP camera sensors.

When speaking of 5-element lenses, ‘element’ here refers to the thin plastic layer which coats the camera lens. Each element functions as an individual lens. When used together, a collection of elements can produce detailed images. Now, considering that the 6s will come with a 5 element lens, the camera capabilities will be a game changer for the iPhone. There is also an information about the 6s coming with an optical image stabilizer, which is available only on the 6 Plus currently .

The iPhone 6s is expected to be revealed sometime in September 2015.

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