The new iPhone 7 may remove the headphone jack to make it more waterproof.

Rumors suggesting that Apple’s newest iPhone will remove both the headphone jack and a physical home button have disappointed fans and kept expectations for the iPhone 7 low among industry analysts. However, new leaks about the iPhone 7 suggest that there could be a greater goal behind these removed features: namely, to make the device more waterproof and dustproof.

The Independent reports that, despite a lack of advertisement of the feature from Apple, the iPhone line has been gradually made more durable over the last few iterations, and taking out the headphone jack and converting the home button to a virtual button could be another move towards this goal. By sealing up some of the places where dust and water could enter, Apple could perhaps increase customer satisfaction and lower maintenance costs.

Why Apple is choosing not to pat itself on the back for this is an open question. Perhaps they want to avoid overstating the iPhone’s toughness and risking a customer backlash if it doesn’t measure up.

Image credit: iPhones

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