A leaked image of the new Iphone, which may be called the iPhone 6SE.

Amid the clamor of rumors that have been circulating in anticipation of Apple’s latest phone release this September, consensus has arisen that the new devices will be called the iPhone 7, and will be the official next generation of the iPhone line. This has led some consumers to be disappointed by a perceived lack of major upgrades compared with the iPhone 6 family.

However, German site Apfelpage claims to have come across leaked information indicating that the new devices will not be called the iPhone 7, but will rather be called the “iPhone 6SE.” The website claims to have seen retail packaging of the new devices printed with the iPhone 6SE moniker. The site 9to5Mac picked up on the rumor, and further reports that the release date for the newest devices – whatever they may be called – could be Friday, September 16 of this year.

Image credit: New iPhone leak

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