It all started with Stocks, the Apple added Maps, iBooks, Health, Tips, Watch and more. There are 32 applications on the iPhone that users cannot uninstall. A lot of them are essential, like Phone, App Store, and Settings. Others, such as Podcasts and Find Friends are hardly used by many users.

For many years, iPhone users have been asking for a way to delete them. Others just shift them to a folder and hope to ignore them. The latest version of iOS 9 lets you delete more than thirty stock applications included in the iPhone. Although the procedure is complicated, Apple finally allows users to remove the default applications.

How can default apps be removed

This method requires some technical confidence. If you are not sure, you can try the one that is further down.

• Sign up for the beta program of iOS and download the 9.3 public beta – the full release isn’t out yet.

• Once that is done, go to the Settings tab, click on General and go to Software Update to download the latest iOS 9.3 beta.

• Download the Apple Configurator 2.2 beta. This requires you to have a developer membership.

• You can then set up a configuration and select an option to block some apps. Enter the commands for these apps to remove them from the phone. For instance, use “” to remove Stocks.

Easy way to temporarily remove the apps

• Put the apps that you want to delete in a folder.

• Press and hold them till they start jiggling, like you were about to move or delete the app.

• Drag the app to the folder’s edge so it moves to the next page, but keep it in place once the page has moved. Press the home button while you are still holding the app. It will fly off the edge of the screen.


Image Credit : Telegraph

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