A prototype phone that can fold up like paper

The Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge were received extremely well by customers and tech reviewers, and this success gives Samsung a good reason to continue with the annual expansion of product features. If the latest round of rumors is anything to go by, the Galaxy S8 may be arriving in the first few months of 2017, and many tech forecasters believe that next year’s releases could also include the first Samsung smartphone to feature a foldable screen.

The company itself has made no official statement confirming or denying the developmental status of the S8 smartphones, so the rumors need to be taken with a liberal pinch of salt. However, the hottest rumor to surface on the internet is that a new flagship product line called the ‘Galaxy X’ will be the first smartphone to feature a fully foldable design. It is also rumored to feature a 4K display with a new PenTile diamond subpixel arrangement. If the rumors are correct, the new device will be released sometime in 2017 along with the Galaxy S8.

For a peek at what this new design could look like, check out this new demo of a prototype rollable screen.

Image credit: Folding phone

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