A render purporting to show the design of the iPhone 8. A large edge-to-edge display in landscape orientation displays a striking mountain scene.

Analyst Trendforce has predicted that the RAM capacity of this year’s new iPhones – expected to include the “iPhone 8” and two upgraded “7s” models – will not be more than 3 GB, which is the same capacity as the iPhone 7 Plus. This is due to the increased price of RAM, which is expected to rise by 10% this year due to shortages.

The amount of RAM in a device can affect its overall speed and ability to multitask. Trendforce lowered its prediction about the average memory to be offered by smartphones this year, from 3.7 GB down to 3.2 GB, which would make the new iPhones only marginally below average with 3 GB.

(Source: Macworld; Image via: iDropNews)

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