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According to recent reports published by Forbes, Apple might be working on wireless earbuds to be used with the upcoming iPhone 7. It is believed that the tech giant has been developing wireless earbuds with in-built Bluetooth chips over the past few years. The Bluetooth chip will help the earbuds receive wireless signals from various devices.

Forbes has not named its source. However, it is believed to be someone who has knowledge of the company’s future plans. The source hasn’t revealed the dates for the launch of the wireless earbuds either, but, experts believe that it could occur along with the iPhone 7 launch in September. If the iPhone 7 will not have a headphone jack as presently believed, it would make sense for Apple to offer wireless earbuds as an alternative.

Ever since reports spread about Apple doing away with the headphone jack in its new iPhone, a slew of images and videos followed, lending more and more evidence that reports of the 3.5 mm jack’s death are probably not exaggerated. Unless Apple is planning to surprise the entire industry, it seems likely that the iPhone 7 will be the first phone from Apple to not have this feature.

The possible lack of a headphone jack has bothered many of the brand’s loyalists, who consider the traditional white, wired earphones to be part and parcel of the iPhone/iPod experience.

Even so, Apple has never been one to bend to public opinion. The brand has been known to make risky changes across its entire product line, and the company has rarely faced a slump in sales. However, with the rising worry that Apple has reach “peak iPhone” and needs to reinvent the product, the company’s risk-taking may worry fans and investors more than in the past.

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