The iPhone 7 may feature WiGig, an improved version of Wi-Fi

Rumors concerning the upcoming iteration of the iPhone, which analysts have been calling the iPhone 7, have indicated that the new model could have more on-board storage, a better camera, and maybe the elimination of the headphone jack. Rumors so far have not suggested any major feature additions that would really pique consumers’ interest. However, newer reports indicate that Apple might be equipping the new iPhone with significantly faster Wi-Fi capabilities.

The rumors indicate that the newest iPhone may include support for WiGig, or 802.11ad, a much faster version of Wi-Fi. According to an analyst, the new connectivity feature will allow users to stream 4K resolution videos without interruptions, and also enhance gaming connections between multiple devices. Apple outfitted its iPhones with 4K recording capabilities for the first time last year.

Neil Shah, Research Director at Counterpoint Technology Market Research, stated that he found it sensible on Apple’s part to transition into the 802.11ad format after listening to comments from Hock Tan, CEO of Broadcom.

The news of an upgraded Wi-Fi feature also aligns with the recent reports about Apple running out of its older Wi-Fi routers. These routers relied on the earlier 802.11ac standard for connectivity, which was incorporated in the previous update almost three years ago. It is likely that Apple will also boost Wi-Fi capabilities for the Apple TV, which currently does not support 4K video compatibility or WiGig.

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