Leaked renders of the upcoming iPhone 7

Earlier rumors which reported that the iPhone 7 was finalized and was already in production might not be entirely true, as multiple last-minute changes have reportedly been made to the device.

The device is expected to release in September of this year and many will be happy to know that multiple sources have confirmed that the new handset will be available in the popular “Space Black” finish. This would make the iPhone 7 the first handset to feature the Space Black option since the iPhone 5s. Along with the newly introduced Deep Blue color, the handset is also expected to retain all the color options of the iPhone 6s, including gold, rose gold, space gray and silver.

An additional update that may not please everyone is that the new phone may not include the 64GB storage model as was previously expected. Apple has apparently planned a lower end 32GB model along with a mid-level 128GB model and a 256GB high-end model. Customers were previously outraged that the lower level model only featured 16GB of storage for a considerably high price.

More leaks are expected as we get closer to the release date. One of the expected changes that has users confused is the decision to remove the standard 3.5mm ear phone jack in favor of wireless headsets. This makes it more expensive for users and could prove a costly mistake and negatively impact Apple’s sales. Without many additional features, convincing users to upgrade to the iPhone 7 could be a hard sell for Apple.


Image credit: iPhone 7 renders

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