The Samsung Galaxy S7 is receiving free access to Samsung Cloud.

Samsung’s proprietary cloud service Samsung Cloud has been incorporated into the Galaxy S7. The cloud storage option will also be available on the Galaxy S7 Edge. This feature is already being offered to Italian customers as a component of the monthly update package.

The Cloud Support feature was first introduced to the world as a component of the Galaxy Note 7 earlier this August, granting users of that device 15GB storage allowance for free. Industry sources state that customers of Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge will also receive free storage.

It is interesting to note that Samsung has taken the decision to offer its customers its proprietary storage service – and ditched the OneDrive platform developed by Microsoft. The South Korean company has already inked a deal with Microsoft to pre-install a number of the latter’s mobile apps like Word, Skype, PowerPoint and Excel on its devices. Samsung is also fixing up a few security issues as a part of this update. There will also be performance upgrades for the NFC and Bluetooth components.

Image credit: Galaxy S7

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