Milk Music running on a Galaxy device. The music streaming service will shut down in September.

According to recent reports, Samsung has announced that it will shut down its music streaming service, Milk Music, on September 22nd, this year. As a result, Note and Galaxy customers will now be pushed towards using Slacker Radio.

The shutdown of Milk Music doesn’t exactly come as a surprise. Rumors have been floating around for a while that the music streaming service would close, citing the reason that the service had failed to achieve traction among users.

Samsung launched an official statement mentioning that Milk Music’s removal was executed as part of a strategy to invest in a partner-based model that would be geared towards providing a seamless integration of multiple music services available across the Galaxy lineup.

Milk Music was launched with much fanfare by Samsung in 2014. It served as an alternative to streaming services such as Pandora and Spotify. Towards the end of that year, Samsung had even launched a video streaming service called Milk Video, which failed to last longer than a year.

Milk Music was a free of cost service that allowed users to stream over 13 million songs across a range of 200 stations. It also boasted of features such as customized playlists, where the service would suggest tracks or artists based on the user’s listening tastes.

The premium, ad-free version could be subscribed for a fee of $4 per month.

Apart from a switch over to Slacker Radio, no clear plans have been released by Samsung about a replacement for Milk Music.

Image credit: Milk Music

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