Samsung logo on a hanging sign. The company is expected to launch a new high-end clamshell phone called the Veyron.

Samsung will reportedly launch a high-end smartphone that will be directed toward the wealthiest part of its customer base, tentatively called the SM-2017. More interestingly, the new phone is purported to use a clamshell “flip phone” form factor. This indicates the company’s continued interest in the clamshell design, after releasing the Chinese-exclusive SM-2016 last year.

The codename given to the new model is “Veyron”, which could be inspired by the Bugatti Veyron, a supercar that costs over a million dollars. The codename indicates that Samsung likely hopes to position the phone right at the very high end of the market in terms of pricing.

Details concerning the Veyron are not yet clear. However, rumors suggest that the phone will possess a powerful Exynos 8890 chipset. The phone is also expected to come with 2 3.9 inch Super AMOLED touchscreens, one on the inside and one an external display. As for camera technology, the Veyron could sport a 12 MP camera at the back and a 5 MP version on the front, similar to what is used on the Galaxy S7. Unfortunately, this is actually a step back from Samsung’s earlier luxury clamshell, as the SM-2016 came with a 16 MP camera at the back.

It remains to be seen whether this new phone will be exclusive to Asia like its predecessor. Customers in Western markets who have a fondness for flip phones and a lot of cash might be forced to import this upper-crust novelty whenever it is released.

Image credit: Samsung

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