A teaser image for the announcement event for the Samsung Galaxy S8. An S8 displays “1223, Wed. March 29”.

Samsung has announced the new virtual assistant software for its upcoming Galaxy S8 smartphone, named “Bixby”. Samsung said the AI assistant, and artificial learning in general, will form the “core” of the user interface for the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus. Bixby will launch with the new devices, expected to be launched March 29.

Though the exact functionality of Bixby is not yet clear, Samsung claims that the new assistant will be able to directly control apps based on voice commands. If these claims are borne out in the final product, it could mean that using the touchscreen would not be necessary to accomplish tasks on the Galaxy S8. This would be a big improvement over competing software like Siri, which mainly answers questions but is limited with more complex tasks.

(Image via: Engadget)

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