Manhattan popup shop in Manhattan selling its new Spectacles camera glasses. A tall yellow sign with a stylized eye marks the shop location.

Snapchat has brought its new “Spectacles” camera glasses to a popup store in Manhattan, after offering limited amounts of the glasses in California and Oklahoma. The popup shop, strategically located across from the 5th Avenue Apple Store, offers a single vending machine which will sell the $130 face-mounted camera to any early adopter willing to brave the line. The long lines and limited availability are most likely intentional plays at building buzz around the new product.

Spectacles represent a new direction for Snapchat – or actually Snap, Inc., as the company has recently rebranded itself. Spectacles provide discreet video recording capability with a fashionable housing that looks more or less like a normal pair of sunglasses. Snap is hoping that this move out of your phone and onto your face will expand their presence, and set them up to capitalize on new trends such as augmented reality. It has also been suggested that Snap may use the Spectacles to deliver targeted ads to users.

(Image via: Engadget)

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