Versatile Collection of Affordable Cases Ranging from $12-$18

Austin, Texas – September 9, 2015 – Silk Innovation today announced its versatile and affordable case lineup will seamlessly fit the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. Silk’s innovative case collection delivers protection, is functional, and customizable with options for everyone’s style.

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The Minimalist – PureView Ultra-Slim Clear Case

The slimmest of the cases, the sleek PureView Ultra-Slim Clear Case is ultra-slim, form-fitting and lightweight. The two part featherweight design combines an ultra-slim shock-absorbent bumper with a crystal clear back shell for maximum protection against drops, dings and scratches. The “Dual-tred” corner design offers the ultimate in drop protection, while the elevated 360-degree corners protect the screen from scratches. For those who like to personalize their case, the PureView allows you to print your own design and use with customizable inserts that fit behind the clear back shell. The PureView is available to order at for $11.99 in Space Gray, Champagne Gold, Midnight Black, and Clear Frost.

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The Protector – Silk Armor Tough Case

The Silk Armor Tough Case is the most durable case in the line with stealth military-grade protection for your iPhone. The dual layer construction and ruggedized design combines a shock-absorbent rubber core with a polycarbonate exoskeleton shell for maximum protection in a sleek case. The Silk Armor case comes equipped with a premium scratch-resistant screen protector and three interchangeable back plates in Gunmetal, Gold and Silver to customize and fit your style. The Silk Armor Tough Case is available at for $17.99.

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The All-in-One – Vault Slim Wallet Case

The stylish Vault Slim Wallet Case comfortably holds up to 3 cards and cash, simplifying your life so you carry just the essentials. The durable one piece construction provides full-frame protection on all four corners to protect your device from drops and dings. The reinforced rib substructure disperses shocks away from your phone, while a card tensioning spring securely holds cards in place even during drops. The soft-touch finish allows the perfect amount of grip to easily slide in and out of your pocket or purse. The case is specifically designed with Natural Throw™ buttons for a tactile ‘click’ response. The Vault Slim Wallet case is available at for $14.99 in Midnight Black, Gunmetal Gray, Pacific Green, Red Rouge and Champagne Gold and includes a premium scratch-resistant screen protector film.

Silk Innovation’s stylish case collections for iPhone 6s and 6s Plus are available now. All cases include a premium screen protector and 1-year warranty. For more information about Silk Innovation and their product lineup visit or

Silk Innovation was founded on the idea that products can be both ingenious and simple. We create innovative products that simplify your life through unique functionality. These products are designed to drive you value, both in price and in your daily life. Connect with Silk on Facebook at or on Twitter at @silkinnovation.

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