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Q: Do you have a case for the iPhone SE?

A: Yes, our Vault Slim Wallet for iPhone SE/5/5s fits the new iPhone SE that was released March 2016. Go ahead and buy yours right here.

Q: Will you be making a case for the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge?

A: Yes, we have a portfolio style case available now for the new Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. You can buy one here now.

Q: What is your warranty policy?

A: All of our products carry a limited lifetime warranty. For help with an exchange, or defective products contact Silk Warranty department. You can read more about our warranty here.

Q: I ordered or received the wrong size case what do I do?

A: You can ship us the incorrect case and when it is received the correct case will be shipped to you. Please include a note with your original order number, return shipping address, and a brief note describing what action you’d like us to take with your order upon reception (i.e. “exchange for same case in iPhone 6 size”).

Q: Will storing cards this close to the phone prevent NFC functionality?

A: The NFC and Apple Pay will work just find through the cards.

Q: Will my cards demagnetize sitting so close to the phone?

A: No. Your phone will not demagnetize your credit cards. We’ve tested our cases with the same set of cards for over a year with no issues. We’ve heard that some older style hotel room keys could have problems. But then again, those old keys can demagnetize if you just look at them wrong.

Q: Can I fit more than 3 cards in the case?

A: We don’t recommend squeezing any more than 3 cards plus cash in the case since this can stretch the fabric beyond its intended design.

Q: My case is getting dirty, how should I clean it?

A: To keep the case clean the best thing you can do is to wipe it down with a rag and isopropyl alcohol.

Q: What are the shipping options?

A: We offer free shipping on domestic orders within the US through USPS First Class Mail. We can also ship USPS Priority or UPS Ground for an additional charge.

Q: I have a Samsung Galaxy S6 and use a wireless charger. Will the case interfere with the charger?

A: With the case on, your S6 will still wirelessly charge. The charge might not be as strong as with the case off, but it should still work.

Q: The tracking for my order says delivered, but I have not received a package. What should I do?

A: We typically ship our cases in a 10x7” tan bubble mailer. First, we recommend checking around your mailbox area. It is also possible that it might have been left at a front office if you live in an apartment complex. We also recommend that you call your local post office to contact your mail carrier.

Q: How do I apply my screen protector?

A: 1. Clean the phone’s screen. Ensure there’s no lent or dust left on the screen as those can cause bubbles. 2. Remove the side labeled (1) from the protective film. Be careful NOT to touch the sticky side of the film. 3. Align the film to the screen of the device. 4. Press any air bubbles out with your finger or card. 5. Gently remove the side labeled (2) from the protective film. 6. Most small air bubbles will dissipate after about 24 hours.

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