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Four players of the VR tag game Superception look at their hands through VR headsets. Behind them a screen shows all four perspectives combined into a split-screen view.

Virtual reality and augmented reality has been a major theme at this year’s SXSW, the gargantuan tech, film and music festival that descends on Austin, TX each March. VR has been a staple of SXSW’s tech events for years, and this year has continued to expand with new and innovative VR experiences.

Superception lets you play tag from 4 perspectives

Sony had a lot of VR to show at SXSW, including a twist on the game of tag. Superception is a four-player VR game that forces you to see from four perspectives at once — your own, and those of your opponents – using a split-screen display.

Sony adds full-body feedback to Playstation VR games

Sony also showed off enhanced versions of Playstation VR games Rez Infinite and Resident Evil 7 that allowed players to feel vibration feedback through  a vest or full-body “synesthesia suit.”

VR meets serious cinema at SXSW Film Festival

This year was also the first time that VR crossed over into the SXSW Film Festival with an official lineup of “Virtual Cinema.” This included the high production value, almost feature-length VR film Miyubi, which appeared earlier this year at Sundance and featured acting by Jeff Goldblum.

(Image via: Engadget)

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