Image of purported iPhone 7 Smart Connector

A purported leak of the iPhone 7 Pro in March showed that the latest iPhone would feature dual cameras. The pictures also revealed three dots at the bottom which was very similar to the Smart Connector on the iPad. However, according to the latest reports, the Smart Connector will not be gracing any of Apple’s next-generation phones.

Introduced on the iPad Pro last fall, the Smart Connector provided a secondary input port for data as well as power for the external accessories. The Smart Keyboard also uses the connection to allow the keyboard cover to work without a separate battery or a Bluetooth connection. The fact that this feature was not introduced in any of the earlier iPhones cast doubt on the earlier rumor.

Moreover, it wasn’t exactly clear what purpose it would serve on the iPhone. According to the sketchy leak in March, the placement was such that it would take some effort to keep the attached accessory in its place. Although bringing the Smart Connector from the iPad to the iPhone would have helped justify the “Pro” tier of the phone, it does not seem to be in the cards for now.

Image Credit: Smart Connector

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