Great features of the new iPhone SE

The release of the iPhone SE has started a lot of conversation and Apple fans are scrambling to know what makes it better? Here are a few preliminary observations:

  1. Better Engineering – The iPhone SE offers similar performance levels to the iPhone 6s. With the M9 and A9 chips, the lowest device on Apple’s portfolio now matches the hardware specifications of its flagship devices – which will make it way easier for customers to do iOS updates.
  2. Sports edition – Including the M9 co-processor has improved the iPhone’s ability to record data. As Apple pushes more towards fitness and health tracking, the SE offers more personalised data and better tracking.
  3. Smaller electroluminescence – The screen of the SE is smaller, physically and by pixel count. It reduces the memory size needed to run the screen and also the power consumed by the LCD’s backlight.
  4. Sensible edges – The sharp edges of the iPhone SE are much easier to handle than the iPhone 6’s curved edges. It does not slip out of the hand that easily and has enough friction to remain stable.
  5. Superfast execution – The SE’s extra speed over the iPhone 5s is very apparent. It has all but Osbourned the 5s, and by the looks of it, Apple must have reduced the 5s handsets in its inventory to a minimum.
  6. Stronger encryption – With the A9 chip, you have extra security in the phone through the motherboard. It has the same level of security as the 6s and 6s Plus, and much more than the 5c.

Image credit: iPhone SE

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