iPhone showing widgets on the lock screen, such as weather and sports news.

The iPhone is celebrated for a lot of reasons. Having useful widgets is generally not considered to be among them. However, iOS 10 seeks to change that by adding more useful lock screen widgets than were previously available. Both proprietary and 3rd party apps now feature widgets that allow you to carry out a range of tasks such as sending emails or uploading images without needing to unlock your iPhone.

Here are a few widgets you may want to download to make using your device faster and more convenient.

Fantastical 2

Similar to the proprietary app “Up Next”, Fantastical 2 offers a wide range of capabilities. For starters, it displays reminders for upcoming tasks or events with scheduled times and lists events coming up in the next 4 hours. Reminders can be checked off by just tapping them on them on the lock screen, and overdue reminders are displayed using a conspicuous red alert.


There was a time when you had to open the Shazam app to identify a song. If the app opened a bit slower than usual, you could end up missing your new favorite song. With the new Shazam widget on iOS 10, Shazam can be operated right from the lock screen, saving you a lot of precious time.


Using Yelp is a familiar experience for frequent travelers and adventurous diners. With a Yelp widget now available from your lock screen, this experience is now quicker and more painless than ever. This is ideal if you’re in a hurry, or under pressure to make new plans when circumstances change. Finding the ideal restaurant, shop, or place of interest can all now be accomplished right from the lock screen.

Image credit: iOS 10 Widgets

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