Following the release of the much awaited iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, one of the first observations to make the rounds is that these phones are heavier than all previous models. To get into the specifics of it, the new 6s is 14 grams heavier than the 6, while the 6s Plus is about 20 grams heavier than the 6 Plus. So, what’s causing the weight gain? Well, initial rumors pointed to the new 7000 series aluminum that Apple incorporated to fix the bending issues noticed in their previous models. However, it turns out that the new aluminum body is not the reason why the phones are heavy. In fact, the 7000 series aluminum in the 6s is actually a gram lighter than the 6000 series aluminum used in the 6.

The real reason for the weight gain comes from the incorporation of 2 new key features: the 3D Touch and the Taptic engine. The 3D touch display assembly comes with capacitive sensors to register touches and taps based on pressure. The display assembly for the 6s weighs 29 grams, which is twice the weight of the display assembly used in the iPhone 6.

The taptic engine also adds its own fair share of weight and might even cause a reduction in the battery capacity. The weight gain is not as significant as earlier thought. But, die hard Apple fans might just find it bit hard to get used to.

The iPhone 6s and 6s Plus are expected to go on sale towards the end of September, 2015.

Image credit: the verge

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